Boogie Belgiqueis the Belgian band and producer-collective around Oswald Cromheecke. Founded in 2012 by Oswald as a bedroom producer, the project grew steadily and became an established band in the underground scene of Instrumental Hip Hop, Trip Hop, Electronica and Nu Jazz.

The first four years, Boogie Belgique released 3 albums which were produced by Oswald himself. With tracks like “Forever & Ever” and “Swing Thing”, Boogie Belgique rapidly reached fans all around the world. In 2016, Oswald was joined by Cedric Van Overstraeten on trumpet, Emily Van Overstraeten on vocals, Aiko Devriendt on keys and Martijn Van Den Broek on drums for Boogie Belgique’s fourth full album “Volta”. Most of the recordings with this collective took place in their new headquarters in Brussels, resulting in a more live approach to composing. This new approach of collaborative producing gave birth to a new sound, while staying true to the typical nostalgic flair of Boogie Belgique.

On stage the band evolved from a DJ set by Oswald, accompanied by Cedric on trumpet, to a full live band where Oswald, Cedric, Emily, Aiko and Martijn were joined by Ambroos De Schepper on saxophone. This dynamic configuration made its way to hundreds of stages throughout Europe. Between 2013 and 2019, Boogie Belgique performed in countries such as Greece, France, Romania, The Netherlands, UK, Czech Republic, Turkey and Chad, resulting in a rapidly growing international fanbase.

Boogie Belgique’s sound is a blend of electronic music and jazz, with hints of Bonobo, Cinematic Orchestra and Fat Freddy’s Drop. Varying anywhere between relaxing, intimate moods and energizing, danceable grooves, Boogie Belgique’s sound is characterized by melancholy, nostalgia and a human touch, mainly due to the systematic diy-approach of producing and recording.

Now the band unveil their latest LP, Machine, a collection of music imbued with the band’s overarching mystique along with themes exploring the distraction culture we’re experiencing today in the modern age. Parallels are drawn between today and the pre-war zeitgeist of the 1930s, when culture had entered a progressive phase, not dissimilar to that which we are experiencing today. Boogie Belgique’s penchant for swing, big band sounds and crooners is evident throughout the LP, which is an invitation to slow down as it meanders gently from downtempo jazzy cuts, tranquil hip hop beats and slightly faster-paced dance cuts. Cuts like ‘Wonder’ embody this homage to the crooner era, inspired by Harold Orlob’s hit ‘I Wonder Who’s Kissing Her Now’. There are messages transmitted through the band’s work on Machine, warnings about our overconsumption and the fall of ruling kingdoms. Overall, it’s a continuation of the Boogie Belgique tale, a world where longing for a bygone era, urban decay, public unease, shadowy societies falling from grace, and avenoir are commonplace.

With all of the complexity that friendships can entail, an outwardly expanding perspective and inherent talent throughout all of its members, Boogie Belgique stands in a class of its own. It’s music that encourages the spirit of the past to merge with the soul of the future… Join them on the next stage of their mysterious adventure into the unknown.