Boogie Belgique, a Belgian band and producer collective led by Oswald Cromheecke, has been at the forefront of blending Trip Hop, Electronica, and Jazz for over a decade. Renowned for hits like “Every Time,” “Forever & Ever,” and “Goodnight Moon,” their distinctive sound—a unique blend of nostalgia—has captivated hearts worldwide.

Their albums, including Volta and Nightwalkers Vol. 1, showcase their significant impact on the underground scene with a signature mix of downtempo, nu-jazz, and electro. On stage, their full live band captivates audiences across Europe and beyond, showcasing a dynamic presence, skillful improvisation, and captivating visuals. Postlude to Machine, their latest upcoming EP, concludes the acclaimed Machine trilogy. In addition to releasing two new original tracks, this EP is a testament to the power of collaboration, bringing together established and emerging artists such as Poldoore, Hugo Kant, and Proleter, to reimagine Boogie Belgique's latest work.

Currently, Boogie Belgique is on a European tour with their full live band and is also introducing a new solo show, supporting the globally renowned band Caravan Palace. This performance returns to the project’s origins, offering an exclusive experience that encapsulates the essence of Boogie Belgique’s musical and visual odyssey.

The inception of Boogie Belgique can be traced back to 2012 when Oswald Cromheecke, then an illustration student, embarked on a solo journey to create music under the Boogie Belgique moniker. His initial album, Blueberry Hill, released for free on the Bulgarian netlabel Dusted Wax Kingdom, laid the foundation for what would become a distinctive blend of electronic music infused with a nostalgic touch. This early decision to distribute music freely on platforms like SoundCloud significantly contributed to building a grassroots fanbase that has continued to grow globally over the years​​.

From its origins as a one-man project, Boogie Belgique evolved into a full-fledged band, embracing a collective approach. The transition from solo project to band was marked by a collaborative spirit, with each member bringing unique talents and perspectives to the table. This evolution allowed for a richer live experience, characterized by improvisation and interplay, all while staying true to the project's roots in sample-based music​​.

Oswald Cromheecke's role in Boogie Belgique extends beyond musical leadership; his background as a visual artist brings a distinct aesthetic to the project. Cromheecke personally crafts all the art, videos, and design, ensuring a cohesive blend of sight and sound. This artistic synergy enriches the band's narrative, making each Boogie Belgique offering not just a musical journey but a comprehensive artistic voyage, where visuals are as integral as the melodies.

The band’s ensemble—Cedric Van Overstraeten on trumpet, Aiko Devriendt on keys & flute, Martijn Van Den Broek on drums, Ambroos De Schepper on saxophone, and Emily Van Overstraeten's captivating vocals—forms the backbone of Boogie Belgique's live performances. Each member contributes their distinct flair, from the soulful brass melodies that weave through the tracks to the intricate rhythms and harmonies that elevate the music beyond its electronic roots. Notably, Aiko Devriendt, Cedric Van Overstraeten and Jussi De Nys, alongside Oswald, play a crucial role in the songwriting process, blending their diverse influences and expertise to create Boogie Belgique's unique sound. Their collective creativity and expertise not only enrich the band’s sound but also ensure a dynamic and engaging stage presence that captivates audiences across Europe and beyond

As Boogie Belgique continued to grow, their approach to music production also evolved. With their latest efforts, including the upcoming EP Postlude to Machine, they have moved away from relying mostly on samples, opting instead to craft their soundscapes from the ground up. This shift not only showcases their maturity as musicians but also their desire to explore new creative avenues while maintaining their signature sound​​.

In reflecting on their journey and looking towards the future, Boogie Belgique is not only focused on their musical evolution but also on the themes their music addresses. The pandemic and its impact on their creative process have infused their latest work with reflections on the importance of slowing down, the dangers of unchecked growth, and the pressing issue of climate change. These themes resonate throughout Machine, blending seamlessly with their music to create a thoughtful and engaging listening experience​​.

Boogie Belgique's journey from a solo project to a collaborative band reflects a broader narrative of growth, exploration, and adaptation. Their ability to evolve while staying true to their roots is a testament to their creativity and dedication to their craft. As they are working on another album behind the scenes, they continue to invite listeners into their unique world, one that bridges the past and present, and looks forward with optimism and innovation.